Art sets sparks but designing sets full flames.

Heather Zaborowski has developed a love for design that inspires her to create everyday. Her ability to learn from new experiences and strive to find a future she loved, can explain why she is currently a senior working to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, with a concentration in graphic and advertising design at Kutztown University. With plans to graduate in May, Heather has found a passion in brainstorming concepts and strategic advertising, collaborating with a team to build a strong, well-rounded campaign and working independently to continue her involvement in design. Although she expresses great passion for all types of design, she truly see herself as an advertising designer. 
She has a strong interest in branding as well as marketing for a company where she can make an impact on greater issues in the world. She loves expressing her style but enjoys trying something new everyday. Her areas of expertise are in concept building, vectoring, branding, small details, and collaboration with others.
Heather has an eagerness for challenges and new experiences. In her future, she plans to travel and explore the world. She hopes to learn through experiences and take opportunities from them to build herself into the best designer she can be. She strives to make positive relationships, deliver strong concepts and become a designer with great outcomes.